Each issue of Redline is divided into disparate sections relating to a general theme; prompts for these sections can be found on the “Current Prompts” page. We encourage you to interpret them as strictly or as loosely as you see fit. If you have work you are passionate about that doesn’t fit into any prompt, submit it anyway; we often find that unprompted work resonates with the issue’s themes in unexpected ways.

What to send
When in doubt, send it; we want everything that you’re willing to give. From doodles to oil paintings, grocery lists to epic novels, we want it all. We accept a wide range of media including, but not limited to:
❏ Drawing & painting
❏ Comics
❏ Photography
❏ Graphic design
❏ Sculpture
❏ Essays, poetry, and other creative writing
❏ Collages
❏ Textiles
❏ Anything else!
While we cannot promise to publish every piece, we encourage you to submit anything and everything that you are working on. Sometimes half-finished sketches or rambling prose are the most poignant pieces of all, and we hope that perfectionism won’t get in the way of a great submission. 
PLEASE NOTE that our unique aesthetic relies on the synthesis of individual voices to tell a broader story and convey shared emotions. Therefore, our creative process often involves cropping, recontextualizing, and partnering works by different artists to create compelling spreads. If you wish to only have your piece included in its full, original, and untouched format, please note that in your submission. In the case of edits to the content of a written submission, we will be in touch.
The Practical Stuff
Redline welcomes and seeks diverse voices from artists and writers of all identities, colors, sexualities, genders, and nationalities​​​​​​​. 
To submit, please send us an email at with your work attached, as well as the name under which you’d like your work published. If you feel so inclined, include a one-sentence bio. We accept simultaneous submissions; please inform us if this is the case. 
Short artist statements or text accompaniments to visual works are always welcomed (but not required), in whatever form suits you: send us your stream-of-consciousness scribbles, your carefully crafted mini-essays, your one-word captions. If your work has a title, include it! 
If your submission is responding to a specific prompt, please indicate which one. That said, we know how multifaceted art can be. If you can’t settle on a specific prompt for a piece, we’ll sort it out for you. 
As Redline is a digital zine, we are only able to accept submissions in digital format (text, PDF, PNG, JPEG, etc.). At this time we will only be considering still media for publication: in its present form the zine cannot accommodate moving or audio-based art. For submissions of physical art, we suggest either scanning the piece or taking a high quality photograph. If you encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will respond promptly and work with you to find a solution.