Invisible Mazes
We exist and move through a reality which we cannot see, nor touch, nor even imagine. Instead we construct representations from axiomatic assumptions about the basis of an ineffable universe, stumbling through these artifices with blind faith that beneath it all there is something concrete
To seek Truth, we must navigate the indeterminable, clawing our way through constrictive labyrinths of absolutes and paradoxes. We seek an escape at the margins between that which is, and that which is not.
I. Identity
Once named a thing is no longer itself. That which is unnamed is unknowable. The word then becomes the world, and so Identity is at once structure and prison. 
II. Perception
That which we perceive is lost in the instant of its perception. We wander through the simulation of a ghostly universe, seeing only what was and never what is.  
III. Impossibility
Residing only in our imaginations, it comprises representations aimed at simulating the abstract. We approach the impossible asymptotically, in an unending struggle to give form to concept.
IV. Creation
In desiring to capture, we lose that which we seek. We must create it anew, for only in invented worlds can we arrive once again at what we lost.